Taurus weekly horoscope march 6

Uranus being housed there is going to demand that we pay more attention to our relationship with the green world that surrounds us. On a small scale, Uranus in Taurus might look like finally starting a garden even if it is just a planter box!

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While we will almost inevitably be experiencing restriction Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde in Capricorn, after all , this very restriction may be what saves the natural world. Look for things like plastic bans, water allotments, fuel economy requirements on vehicles, higher taxes on items that are dangerous to the environment. Uranus in Taurus represents huge changes in how we comprehend wealth, love, and abundance. It is all about reminding us that everyone who is here has a right to be here, and an inherent claim to beauty, comfort, and joy.

It is time to seriously question systems that suggests that worldly gain is correlated with moral goodness. Let us move forward into the next seven years fully expecting the creation of a truly equitable world, one that includes, but is not limited to, concrete changes such as earning caps for CEOs, a universal living wage, and health care for everyone.

Uranus in Taurus cannot do it all on its own—it can provide the fuel but not the fire. We will all have to work toward this goal of abundance and financial security for all. Reevaluate your possessions. All of them.

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Get all Marie Kondo about it. Give away or destroy items that are holding you back spiritually, especially expensive items that you do not use. You might be surprised at what you learn. Stop throwing good things away. Now that you have reevaluated your possessions, take deep and attentive care of the things you own.

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Patch items creatively and lovingly. When something breaks, turn it into something new. Learn to work with your own hands. Move away from a disposable culture.

Celebrate beauty. Revere the rise of new beauty standards and relationships with gender. Let Uranus in Taurus liberate you from oppressive, rigid modes of viewing physical beauty and presentation. Practice beholding, displaying, and appreciating a variety of physical beauty. Transform the way you eat. This can be something that is both luxurious and deliberate.

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Start a garden. Even if it is just a planter box of herbs in your apartment window, take this opportunity to connect with the process of growing your own food. Invest in alternative economies. Prepare for the rise of cryptocurrencies and the potential of upheaval in the global financial markets. Begin to participate in barter and gift economies in your communities. You and your partner might finally begin to see the light at the end of your rather dark relationship tunnel.

In fact, a Solar Eclipse in the same part of your chart on December 25, along with a gorgeous Sun-Jupiter conjunction on the 27th, is assurance that a bright, fresh start is so close. You can taste it. In other news, near December 11, you might need a little timeout to recharge your spiritual batteries at the Full Moon. Honor it. After December 20, it looks like you're in for some positive money news -- Venus moving into your 8th House of Resources can bring a sweet bonus.

Cancer's keywords for December: relationship foundation, commitment, blessed union, counselor, advisor, partner, business connection, alliance, marriage. Cancer's key love dates: Get personal advice now for all the twists and turns the new year will bring!

Work assignments might seem to double -- or even triple -- overnight after December 2, when Jupiter moves into the area of your chart connected to daily tasks.

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It's possible that you'll have to decline some opportunities for jobs and freelance projects from now through December and, yes, that's a good problem to have. You're going to get whatever dream job you've wanted, Leo, and although you might have a lot on your to-do list, you're definitely going to whistle while you work. Improvements to your health are also indicated and are fully supported by the Solar Eclipse on Christmas night. This is the time to start that new health care regimen and know it will succeed.

So, if getting into better shape is your New Year's resolution, Leo, you're probably one of the few signs who will accomplish that goal! In matters of the heart, you are feeling the love in December.

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Venus moves into your partnership sector on December 20 and, until January 13, you'll have the joy of knowing how much your partner values and appreciates you. If you've been dating someone, then holiday time looks extra special. You are ready to make a commitment. Leo's keywords for December: engagement, relationship, marriage, dream job, beneficial colleagues, work fulfillment, work expansion, improved health. Leo's key love dates: Get personal advice now for all the twists and turns the new year will bring! Creative growth.

Expansion of pleasure. These are pockets of life where you can expect amazing blessings starting in December. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

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On December 2, Jupiter enters the area of your chart connected to all of these areas and, yes, you're going to feel the love. If your heart has been closed or if you have given up on ever finding that special someone with the ability to give you butterflies in your stomach, then this is all about to change. Yes, Virgo, love is in the air. Fertility is also expanded for you from now through December , so you might welcome a baby or, if you have children already, have something amazing to celebrate about them.

Pay attention to the Solar Eclipse on December 25 to jumpstart love and baby matters. You may also start an incredible creative project that makes your heart sing. A Full Moon at the top of your chart on December 11 can put you in the spotlight for a career achievement. Enjoy the glory!

Virgo's keywords for December: love, babies, fertility, pleasure, fun, creativity, professional changes, career fulfillment. Virgo's key love dates: Get personal advice now for all the twists and turns the new year will bring!

Taurus weekly horoscope 11 december

You have been through the muck lately when it comes to home and family. There is the strong likelihood that you've been going through some kind of demolition literally or figuratively when it comes to your roots, sense of security, or even your actual living space.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope March 6 - 12, 2017

Once December hits, however, you're finally seeing the light. On December 2, Jupiter enters your home and family sector, bringing the blessings, expansion, and joy you've been banking on in this area of your life. Make no mistake, Libra -- you have earned it.

Saturn and Pluto in this area of your chart have insisted that you witness the crumbling of structures you thought you needed for survival in order to get to this new and improved happy place. As far as your romantic life goes, with Venus moving into your true love sector on December 20, it's on! Single Libras can look forward to an unconventional but oh so exciting dating life through February Committed Libras will have more fun with their mate in every way possible! Libra's keywords for December: moving, real estate, home renovation, domestic bliss, family peace, second home, happy home.

Libra's key love dates: Get personal advice now for all the twists and turns the new year will bring! You might be ready for a change of scenery as December begins. It could be an ideal time to take a short trip. Another possibility is that your neighborhood is changing due to a move or several improvements that are happening in your area that have been long overdue.