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Rashidi has been using black magic to manipulate and corrupt the royal family. Now exactly how can you put your minions to good use? Each unit can attack with a different technique or a different number of times depending on where they are placed, so make sure you plan accordingly! Just like with the rest of the saga, Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen has an amazing soundtrack. Need some convincing? Which one of the branching endings will you find first? You neutral chaotic you. Since Ogre Battle was released in the 90s, it has made a significant impact with strategy gamers.

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That will work too. There are multiple endings with radically different outcomes. The game expanded the non-linear alignment system of its predecessor, with three types of alignments for each unit: Lawful, Neutral, and Chaos, none of which are portrayed as necessarily good or bad. The game gives players the freedom to choose their own destiny, with difficult moral decisions, such as whether to follow a Lawful path by upholding the oath of loyalty, even if it means slaughtering civilian non-player characters on the leader's command , or follow the chaotic path by following a personal sense of justice, even if it means rebelling.

The original version of the game was released on October 6, and published by Quest for the Super Famicom the Japanese counterpart of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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The Virtual Console releases are only available in Japanese. In addition, this version makes it is possible for the player to swap bodies with some normally restricted classes through one ability from the Ogre Blade item. In all of the other ports of Tactics Ogre, restrictions are made on which character can be controlled under this ability, but the Sega Saturn port does away with any restriction, significantly impacting gameplay if this feature is to be used by the players.

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