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The South Node can be a point of undoing unless we develop the North Node experiences and qualities. If we over-emphasize and fall back on the qualities of our South Node, at the expense of developing our North Node, we may have a difficult time feeling personally successful. See our North Node tables. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology.

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The houses vary in width unlike the signs , and the pie slices look more unequal in some charts than others depending on the latitude of the chart location. The numbers in the center tell you the number of the house. You can find the degrees of each house cusp by eagle-eyeing the tick marks on the outer wheel, or by looking at the table in the bottom left.

Only the 1st AC , 2nd, 3rd, 10th MC , 11th, and 12th house cusps are listed. There are plenty of resources online and in books to help you out when you start getting curious!


These are the Angles: house cusps that are extra important. These specific degrees are like pivot points in the chart. When a planet occupies one of these places, is it at an astronomically significant place relative to the place earth where the chart was cast. The Ascendant is where planets rise over the horizon in the east, the MC is where they are the highest overhead that they can be, the Descendant is where they dip below the horizon in the west, and the IC is where they are the farthest below us they can be. Each planet glyph has a number beside it: the big number indicates degrees, the small superscript number indicates minutes of longitude.

To find out what sign a planet is in, mentally trace from the planet glyph to the outer ring of sign glyphs, and pair that with the degree number. To double check what sign a planet is in, check the table in the bottom left corner also doubles as a planet glyph cheat sheet! To find out what house a planet is in, look for the center number that coincides with the pie slice the planet occupies. In this chart, Mars is in the 10th house, and the Sun is in the 8th house. This is called the Five Degree Rule. It is certainly not an easy south node SN lesson to overcome!

Together this implies that the way for me to move forward is by embracing hard work and discipline Capricorn for the sake of serving others 6th house.

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The house of my SN ruler Sun in Aries is the 8th house of death and rebirth, possibly suggesting that my journey is to destroy my ego Leo rising through a metaphorical death and be reborn free from my ego Narcissism. I have had many minor 'stepping stone' experiences of such an ' ego death ', but I have yet to truly experience it probably out of attachment to my own self-image and fear of being vulnerable. Aspects to your north node imply tensions or harmonies between the aspected planet's themes and the theme of your north node - that is, your life's purpose.

North Node in Aries: Your Destiny & Path in Life

Hence, these aspects are some of the richest source of self-understanding and can capture a lot about a person, particularly in the charts of the famous people who generally have followed their north node successfully. Since resources on north node NN aspects are quite rare amongst modern astrologer's no major websites cover them in depth I used AstroTheme's "search by aspect" tool to find famous people with each aspect and identified collective themes to define my results.

Conjunctions to some 20 objects are also listed by Ami Manning on her site. Public figures with an Ascendant-NN conjunction include:. This group is quite varied in terms of the nature of their fame and the extent to which they embraced their positions, however looking at any one aspect on its own is always simplistic. It is unclear what the common link of this conjunction is and unfortunately none of the major astrology websites cover this aspect.

The author at RainbowSendPress. This can make you popular, but also superficial.

How You Can Use Draconic Astrology to Better Understand Your Soul

Your actions aren't based on fundamental convictions but on popularly accepted behavior. You're often tall, lanky, cheerful, optimistic and jovial.

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  4. Your effusive outgoingness often prevents close personal relationships or lasting partnerships by making others feel inhibited and suspect a lack of sincerity. You can be serious and calculating when dealing with the public or partners.

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    I can see this being true for Amy Winehouse for example, coming out in a way that was very Gemini, she was able to put on the mask that the public wanted her to wear, but she was ever-conscious that it was just a mask and sometimes she decided to rip it off and let her dripping sarcasm loose on a vapid interviewer as seen in the powerful Amy documentary.

    Also can be seen for someone like Mandela, who was able to use his easy-going mutable public persona to stay within the lines of what South African culture would accept, but still calculating a long-term strategy for black independence and self-governance in his country. Interested because I have this conjunction quite strongly in my chart, seems like a good position action directed in line with your life purpose. Public figures having this aspect in their birth chart include:. The respective signs of each person's conjunction would help break this down further, but first I think it's fair to say that this list is full of extrodinarily determined individuals, most of whom rose from some sort of underdog position to reach as high as they possibly ever imagined they could go.

    I think this is evidence that NN conjunct Mars is very favourable for achieving your life purpose. Following the same procedure with Mars here, since I also have a pretty strong conjunction of Venus and NN in Aquarius.

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    The following celebrities are the ones that do share this conjunction:. It immediately strikes me that this list is full of a different kind of people than the list for Mars conjunct NN. Conjunctions tend to imbue parts of the planets together, and all of this people's lives have a certain Venusian quality compared to the action-oriented quality of those in the Mars group.

    These Venusian north node natives mostly are people who have enjoyed their success and found the beauty in living their lives to their fullest, which is in line with the qualities of Venus. Of course some exceptions occur with several of these people falling off their life purpose and into misery, but a horoscope is not a magic genie, it doesn't predict the future and anyone is always free to screw up their life if they decide to. His creative work certainly reflects this and the depths of his imagination have far outstretched what anyone expected possible from a genre initially targetting at young Japanese boys, which now reaches a demographic that spans all ages, all genders and all continents.

    Aspects with Pluto imply tension or harmony between one's life purpose and the generation they were born in and the dark side of their psyche.