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An especially fun day arrives on January 22, when lovely Venus meets with lucky Jupiter, bringing fantastic adventures your way. Surely the most dramatic day this month is January 21, thanks to the lunar eclipse in Leo, which also happens to be a super moon. This eclipse brings a critical turning point in your love life, as well as the creative projects you have been working on. You see, you had an especially boring time during last summer thanks to Mars retrograde, and you've already focused heavily on work this year—now you just want to have fun! Leo is all about celebration, and you deserve sexual partners, creative partners, and friends who lift you up, appreciate you, and have fun with you.

Your ruling planet Mars squares off with Saturn on January 21, finding you confronting obstacles—especially in your public life. Mercury squares off with Uranus on January 23, bringing surprising news before entering Aquarius on January 24, finding you connecting with plenty of exciting people. Mars connects with lucky Jupiter on January 25, and you're getting shit done—you have luck on your side! Important insights arrive on January 29, when the sun meets with Mercury, and wrapping up the month, we have Saturn connecting with Neptune on January 31, asking you to trust your intuition and finding you feeling supported in the world.

Good luck this month and see you in February! You cannot lose. Virgo August September 22 You have been striving to gain balance, harmony, and serenity in your life for the past few years.

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Now, finally, you will start to feel this foundation all come together and work out for the best. Libra September October 22 This week, some of the old stuff from two years ago will try to come back into your life.


The truth is that door is shut — it's just a reminder of how far you have come and to keep clear of old residue that doesn't belong in your life anymore. Scorpio October November 21 You may have to revisit a few old issues this week. No one learns their lessons better than you do, so think of your past missteps and be sure not to repeat them.

Sagittarius November December 21 It's time for you to find some kind of charity or serious issue on the planet to donate your time and energy. You are a born contributor to the world, and it will only launch you into a new, wonderful place in your life. Capricorn December January 19 Some people think Caps are too serious, but the truth is you like to have just as much fun as the next guy.

While you feel as though your life has been under construction these past few years, now is your time to find your smile, your heart, and your light once again. Aquarius January February 19 You're an innovative thinker, and it finally feels as though the universe is on the same page as you. Now that you feel supported, you can move on and keep imagining new ideas for the future.

Pisces February March 20 Does it really matter where you are? You're so adaptable that you are able to live anywhere and with anyone. You're a quick thinker, but your thoughts seem alien.

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Will anyone get your otherworldly logic? Not today. If you want to get allies in your corner, you'll have to bring your ideas down to earth.

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Of course, things will shift and it won't matter, if you all get along. But for now, it does matter. If you're working on a group project, your coworkers want to know you're all on the same page. Similarly, your friends want to know you're still the same person they know and love. Try not to be too extreme in your approach.

What's wrong with showing respect, anyway? Who says that good manners only conceal the wolves among the sheep? If chivalry is just a nervous habit, you could do much worse. And you're so over that whole school-yard bully dynamic, anyway. Get beyond appearances today and show them that real wolves and real sheep have transcended their storybook roles.

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People have good and bad sides, and right now being decisive, loyal and, yes, polite will resolve a lot more problems than those behaviors create. In the end, that resolution is what brings real security.

It doesn't matter whether you're under pressure, stretched tight or at loose ends. You could be all revved up or as subdued as a whisper. Today will find you vague and moody. It'll be harder than usual to fake sincerity if you're not feeling it. Flippant remarks might cut deeper than you intended.

Try harder to stay in focus so that you can read the situation better.

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It's OK to let people know your current limitations, but you have to be kind about it. You'd expect the same courtesy. At the moment, your heart and mind are quietly untroubled. Today you're as peaceful as a dove and helpful as a child, which means you're content to let others run the show.

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You have no problem taking direction from someone else, as long as their heart is in the right place. You're demonstrating the power of acquiescence now. This doesn't mean that you've given up control to someone else, though. It's just that passive control can be so much easier. Not to mention more effective!

Something's off. Maybe your mood and energy aren't right. You feel entitled to many things, but you don't quite know what they are. You could be feeling needy or grabby. On the other hand, you might have enough self-control to restrain yourself until you figure out what you're lacking. What matters more is how you fulfill those or soothe those needs. One thing is certain: Good or bad, this will be a brief, surprising period. You could learn a lot about yourself and the way you operate.

Be forewarned: The immaculate condition of your life is about to change. The waters are muddied by messy emotions today. As much as you might prefer life to be neat, clean and efficient at all times, you have to accept the fact that you occasionally need other people. Whatever's going on, consider this a warm welcome back into human society.

This is what being alive is all about, so enjoy it. Be glad there's affection in your life. That's far more than some can say. You've been trying your hardest. You've been wearing the biggest smile you've got and speaking in your sweetest voice. And yet, you just can't seem to win them over. All this toxic niceness is backfiring. It's time to do something decisive to save the situation, or at least yourself. Today, figure out a way to shake them awake by other means. And don't neglect the benefits of stating your case or your opinion plainly. You tend to avoid being direct with people, but sometimes it's the only way to get through to them.