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I got some small wooden acorn shapes from the craft store, since it wasn't the right season to find them on a tree. So many fun centerpieces! Since some of them were a little obscure, I created little "good luck" and "bad luck" cards describing each one, and placed them on the tables, displayed in a menu card holder.

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I've got these cards all ready to go in a handy printable for you, too. Just download and print our Superstition Party Centerpiece Cards onto white cardstock, cut out, and display. These centerpieces were not only fun to create and shop for, but they ended up being a great way to get guests to mingle. Everyone at the party traveled around the rooms throughout the night, wanting to see what was on all the tables.

It really kept the crowd moving around and everyone got to see everyone else. The food served at your party should fit the superstition theme as well, and anybody who has ever eaten black eyed peas on New Year's knows that some foods are definitely considered lucky. For Michelle's party, we gave both lists to the caterers and asked them to come up with dishes that were inspired by the lucky foods, with as few unlucky ingredients as possible.

They came up with a wonderful menu that included:. And of course we labeled all the food with signs so that people would know how lucky their meal was!

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We also concocted a special drink that we dubbed "Lucky 40 Punch" that was a mixture of white grape juice and pomegranate juice, garnished with orange slices. Besides being full of lucky fruit, it was also very tasty! For the birthday cake, we opted to play up the idea that round cakes are especially lucky, so I created an arrangement of cupcakes that spelled out "40" in several colors of icing.

We put them on a round table which made a really great presentation. Tiny chocolate letters spelling out "Happy Birthday" adorned the cupcakes on the edges. I made them by piping melted chocolate onto wax paper, then sticking them upright in the icing after they hardened. I probably missed some more!

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And yes, the party was a blast! I was just wondering about the venue. I was married in Briarcliff, Ny at Mansion Hill. Is that it? Corry, sorry, not the same place. But since it looks so similar, your wedding must have been gorgeous! This reminded me of another party - a luncheon fashion show - that I attended a few years ago and would like to host but I need to find the details, if any are out there. One wore bell bottom jeans with bells sewn on.

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That's all I can remember right now. They were all creative and funny. If you could point me in the right direction, to the right people, or find where I could find the information, I would be greatly appreciative.

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If you haven't heard of this before, maybe with your collective creative minds, you can come up with a kooky fashion show party theme. Thanks, Arnalee Miller. What a fun idea, Arnalee.

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We'll keep an eye out and if we see or think of any ideas, we'll let you know! Thanks for the great ideas. We are giving my granddaughter who will be 13 on Friday the 13th a superstition party and you had some good information that will be helpful. Wow, she's turning 13 on the 13th! Have a great party, Marti, and we hope you'll come back and share some ideas and details with us.

This is great! My mom is turning 40 on Friday, December 13, ! So it's like, ! For Friday 13th in September this year, i will work on a 4 leaf clover wreath, inspired by all your wonderful wreath ideas! Clever idea for warding off the bad luck, Harrison. I think the easiest thing to make a bunch of 4-leaf clovers out of would be green felt, or perhaps cardstock? Thanks for the advice! I think i will take on board your advice and use green felt, but i think it'll be very time consuming to cut out all those pieces. Any ideas on how I could make the whole process as quick as possible? Harrison, you might be able to use a die cut machine on felt, if you can find a die the shape you want.

Thanks so much for your creative and fun ideas.

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My Sunday School class is going to have a Friday the 13th party in September and we will use a lot of your ideas. However, I was wondering if you could provide a key for the superstition quiz. Great ideas!! Purchase one of our party packs, with carefully matched supplies in just the just the right quantities for your party. Even our budget-friendly basic party packs come with tableware, balloons, hanging decorations, favors, and to get everyone involved in the fun.

So don't settle for the same boring party template this year. Celebrate a really GREAT birthday with themed birthday party supplies from Party City, the people with the inventory and the ideas to help you plan a really great birthday bash. Featured Costumes. Featured Decorations. Featured Products. Featured Birthdays. Featured Occasions. Featured Clearance Promotions. A barbecue is the best choice for a poolside party and it can be supplemented with soft drinks and fruit juices, especially if the party's held during summertime. Hamburgers, hotdogs, pizzas, and shredded chicken are the food items that can be included in the poolside party menu.

One of the best 13th birthday party ideas for boys is a magic trick theme. You'll need some playing cards, coins, and handkerchiefs for the magic tricks that'll be performed during the party. Just print out the guidelines for magic tricks from various websites and let your son and his friends practice these tricks. Pass a magic hat around and play some music. As soon as the music stops, whoever holds the hat needs to perform the trick. The child who performs the best gets to win an exciting prize. You may use 13th birthday danglers which come in black, silver, and purple colors and can be hung from the ceiling. One of the most interesting 13th birthday party ideas for girls is to use Disney Princess and Friends dangler cutouts for the ceiling decorations.

Mini cascade centerpieces with cutouts of animals and cartoon characters are the best 13th birthday party ideas for boys. Other 13th birthday table decorations are centerpieces having bright colored candles that are available in red, yellow, and orange. As for the 13th birthday party ideas for cake decorations, you may go for a star shaped cake having sparklers for candles. Alternatively, you may get a cake shaped in the form of a film reel and having a camera on top.

This is especially meant for a Hollywood theme birthday party. Some interesting 13th birthday party ideas for cake decorations are hot pink candles for a girl's birthday party that can be placed around the birthday cake. For your son's birthday party, you may use blue candles for the decorations.

Cute edible sugars shaped in the form of a palm tree can be used for topping birthday cakes. Royal icing roses in red, blue, pink, yellow, and lavender are popular choices for cake decorations. In addition, get a pack of candies, chocolates, and other sweat treats ready for your children and their friends to celebrate the party with fun and frolic.