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Seeing the impact of the decisions people were making, the issues they we are facing and the lack of contentment in our day to day lives he felt like he needed to do something. Setting out to share his experience and what he witnessed going on in the world led him to write his book Blue Goat. In the process of writing this book he realized that he was writing the book to himself. In a process that took 12 days he wrote Blue Goat having a profound personal and emotional experience.

From this experience Court has completely changed his perspective and his life. From seeking out the answers from the world around him to challenging himself to uncover and discover who he is from within. Going on what he calls his greatest challenge yet, from trying to find himself, to finding his soul.

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Intuitive Development Mentor. Queen City Psychic. She helps align people with their intuition, power and purpose, so they can help themselves and those around them. Committed to the growth and empowerment of those who question authority, she has provided advanced, experiential, results oriented intuitive-development programs and authentic enlightened cutting-edge business strategies for Intuitives and Healers. The Power of Saying No.

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She believes in speaking from the heart and does so in her healing practice, writing, and her everyday life. As a healer Holly focuses on using her gifts to assist clients with positive change in their lives.

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Together with her clients, clients let go of the stories they cling to and move on to create boundaries while honoring their truth. She helps people learn self-worth and self-care. She holds quarterly workshops on being an empath, mentors other intuitives on developing their gifts, as well as a course on setting and maintaining boundaries. Holly is a born intuitive who studied how to accept and open to her gifts for thirty years. While on that journey of acceptance she worked as a film and television producer in Los Angeles and worked beside Academy Award Winning directors, actors, and directors of photography.

She writes about life, loss, and complicated tenuous human relationships. Her work appears in numerous publications. Movement and is still being shared and written about today.

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Your Spiritual Pathfinder. Tips and Tools for Astral Projection.

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Jessica Mangum is an intuitive mentor, helping others along their path of lifelong self-discovery by channeling enlightenment from the Spirit. Working and practicing daily, Jessica offers her gift to individuals seeking guidance in their lives. Her customized approach helps people address questions and difficulties that life throws their way.

Whether someone is seeking the answers to life's big questions or trying to connect with his or her inner spirit, Jessica walks beside them every step of the way. She first learned she had an intuitive gift when learning the art of meditation. She suddenly couldn't turn off that voice inside her head, which ultimately led her to help others.

Using the knowledge she's gained over years, it is her mission to provide greater serendipity, prosperity, and clarity to all who seek her guidance. She is also a certified professional wellness coach, yoga instructor sound healer, meditation instructor and intuitive channel of ascended masters and angelic beings with over 12 years of experience within the health and wellness industry. Her personal experience with stress induced chronic illness due to her high stress job in the technology industry led her to a path of awakening and self healing.

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She now takes the same techniques she has honed for her own wellness and shares those in healing sessions, workshops, retreats, and in her renewed and transformational Zen Within Academy Programs. She and her husband Josh Vogt combine their talents as musicians and sound healers to weave journeys of vibrational healing for their clients.

Together they play over 35 different instruments including Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, crystal harp, handpan, Native American flute and drum, gongs, didgeridoo, vocal toning and much more. Owner of Kelley Gardner, Inc. She is a compassionate listener who values the opportunity to help her clients live passionate, embodied, healthy lives. Many of us learn to raise our energy and expand our consciousness in ways that invite a rich relationship with our spirit and guides. Lunar eclipses abound, and they're here to screw with your relationships, career and family.

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